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Flat Garbage Bag Industrial Package

Flat Garbage Bag industrial package

Flat pockets are generally used in industrial packaging, is one of the largest demand for packaging bags, commonly used in food enterprises, electronics companies, jewelry enterprises, garment enterprises, toys and other products within the packaging. Then we all know that flat pockets can be made with those plastic bag material? In other words, that is, those plastic bags can be customized flat pockets? The pockets are the most simple plastic bags made in all plastic bags. Comparable PP, PE, PO, OPP, PPE, CPE, PVC, POF and other materials can make flat pockets. So to speak, as long as the material can be made of plastic bags can be made flat pocket. But with the most, the most commonly used to the number of PE.

The use of garbage bags to make our living environment more regular health, garbage bags of the invention and use is not to let us unrestrained manufacturing garbage, but let us be more love health. We can re-use plastic bags: select a few strong plastic bags, and these plastic bags on your bag, carry, so that when you can use shopping bags and refused to use the store to provide plastic bags The Re-use of plastic bags to carry it is very convenient, and as long as more with a few, you can buy a lot of things can also be sub-installed, it will not bring inconvenience to life. The dirty plastic bag will be used to install garbage (or clean and then use), while the clean plastic bag can be reused several times.

The pockets are a bag that is often used in life, and the general plastic bags are in the form of flat mouth as the main form of the bag, by the flat pocket bag Machine for production and processing. In many forms of packaging bags, the practicality of the pockets is the largest, the other bag type, although fancy, but the practicality of poor, flat mouth pocket, can put things more, more uniform. At present, most of the plastic vest bags are used in the form of flat mouth, so this vest bag can also be called flat pocket. Modern vest bag making machine can also produce and produce a flat pocket, so in general it can be used with flat pocket bag machine.

First of all, according to the environmental design concept, choose garbage bags:

The first to buy "thick", because the thick garbage bags are not easy to break, flexible, you can add more garbage, and thus less use of plastic bags.

The second to garbage bags in two designs, one is flat, one is octagonal bottom. Flat-bottomed design of garbage bags, large capacity. Octagonal end of the multi-point bearing more force.

The third label using high-strength PE pure new material, than only the second recovery of the bag body is more stretch, more flexible and durable is not easy to puncture. Specializing in the production of the specifications, all types of garbage bags, to provide high, medium and low quality garbage bags. I plant can provide the specifications of garbage bags processing design, production and pre-market survey best-selling data for your brand to play a good road embankment.

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