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Food Packaging Is Too Beautiful Containing Toxins

When buying food, have you ever seeking excessive packaging? Days, often visible golden, YinShanShan packed food gift box, the packing may be recycled plastic processing, in which rich in excessive heavy metals, once the human intake of heavy metals, will trigger a series of disease. On November 24, heavy metals cause of food poisoning incident, the reporter interviewed experts of food safety commission unit in shenyang.

Magnificent packaging contains toxin

"Consumers don't blackmail by those beautiful food packaging, bright colour and cannot conceal it died of poison!" On the same day, food, experts say, previously found in the inspection on food stores, a gold silver moon cakes made from recycled plastic tray for sale, experts will these gold silver tray query it against the light, and found some obvious impurity. After further inspection, found that the gold silver tray is made from recycled plastic, the relevant state departments make clear a regulation, cannot be used for food.

The reporter understands, in order to seek food gift box of high-grade, magnificent effect, a single production manufacturer not in food quality and time, but is targeting on the outer packing. But practice insider: lowly lit packaging from qualified plastic raw materials, gold and silver from recycled plastic packaging. Good quality plastic, in contrast, offer more than ten thousand yuan per ton, and recycled plastic quotation need four yuan per ton! How big is the profit.

Recycled plastic too risk

Food expert points out, recycled plastic is the national ban on cannot be used in food packaging, its main composition of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a toxic chemical raw materials, plastic packaging of chongqing in acidic and oily substances, toxic ingredients will be freed. And moon cake itself oil content is large, using recycled plastic packaging goods easy contaminated.

Recycled plastic origin, like a needle, pesticide bottles, beverage bottles, etc may be processed into recycled plastic, recycled plastic inside other generally have heavy metals lead, mercury and cadmium, the use of recycled plastic and packaging made of gold and silver powder, rich in many toxic substances and heavy metals.

"Made from recycled plastic packaging food, food contamination, simple may constitute the content of heavy metal exceeds bid." Experts focus on people long-term consumption of heavy metal exceeds bid ingredients of food is very simple harm to liver and kidney, also can cause slow food poisoning and central nervous system diseases, particularly wicked influence on children health growth.