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Food Packaging Material That Is Commonly Used

As people living standard is increasing day by day, pay more attention to the quality of life. Food storage and circulation on the market, the use of packaging is necessary, also very pay attention to in the safety of food packaging materials. Food packaging is more advanced than other plastic packaging bags of packaging materials, most because food packaging compounded by a variety of materials. So food packaging need shading and sealing.

Because food vacuum bag adopts double composite membrane made of triangular sealing, more advanced vacuum bag will adopt three layers of aluminum foil composite film made. So the thickness of the composite membrane is commonly between 60 to 96 nanometers, while the lining of the bag for the heat sealing layer, has good heat sealing, the thickness of the choice between 50 to 80 nanometers; Outer for the sealing layer, need good air tightness and can be printed, outer with high intensity, thickness generally take between 10 to 16 nm.

Common food packaging materials:

A. Polyethylene PE

Mainly composition is polyethylene resin, add a small amount of lubricant and ageing agent and other additives. Polyethylene is non-toxic, odourless, apparent white waxy solid. Making the packing bag of the surface gloss and transparency is not high. Plasticity is good.

2. PP polypropylene

The main ingredients for styrene monomer polymer. Material transparency, good gloss.

Polypropylene is mainly made of thin film materials of food packaging bags, water resistance, good wet resistance than PT, material pledges transparent, tear resistance, but is printed on the PT is poor, low cost, can be used for candy, treats the kink of packaging. Also can be made into heat shrinkable film, heat shrinkable packaging for food, such as food vacuum packaging, composite bags.

Common food packaging materials have by PE, PE, PS, PP polypropylene polystyrene, melamine and so on the different types of plastic composite film, multilayer, such as laminated film composite material made of composite bags, etc., these materials according to the different characteristics and different processing technology can produce different kinds of bags such as rice self-supporting zipper bag, vacuum bag, dog food condiments such as plastic bags, tea bags.