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Garbage Bags With Skills Used In The Daily Life

"First of all, the design concept of environmental protection, will be more and more be enterprise value. Choose bags: first buy" thick ", because of the thick bags is not easy to break, elastic, can more rubbish, which use less plastic bags. The second to garbage bags in two kinds of design, one is flat, one is the bottom of the octagon. Flat design of garbage bags, large capacity. The bottom of the octagon more stronger force bearing force; and the third with the use of high strength of pure PE new material, better than using only secondary recycling material bag body has done sex, more flexible and durable is not easy to burst.

Biodegradable plastic bags which appears on the market, the industry has been in the study, but to achieve entirely the degradation on the technology is yet to be overcome. So-called biodegradable, just add 10% 15% biodegradable ingredients, but there are still 85% 90% cannot fully biodegradable, and because of increased biodegradable additives, instead of bearing and leakproof function to drop, increase consumer loss.

Of course, in addition to the constant development of new technology, we hope to cultivate consumers broader environmental protection concept, consumers can use different waste classification to implement storage bag color, can put a black, kitchen to hold not recycle; Sitting room and put the pink, the study used for storing recyclable garbage. Such classification garbage both save money and environmental protection, but also properly recycling resources reuse. We also hope to response the government together, further training, education, infiltration consumers "resource classification" advanced environmental protection concepts.