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Methods To Reduce Plastic Bag Use

Reuse plastic bags: select several solid plastic bag, and put these bags in your bag, carry, it can use own bags when shopping and refused to use plastic bags provided by the shop. It is convenient to the repeated use of plastic bags to carry, can be placed in the package, and even in his pocket!) And just take a few more, can buy a lot of things, can also partial shipments, so will not bring inconvenience to life. Be dirty plastic bags will be used in rubbish (or clean before use), and a clean plastic bag can be reused for several times.

Refuse plastic bags: generally, the cashier is often mechanically packaging and payment. They don't have the time to ask the customer whether need plastic bags. If you don't need to, you don't have to accept plastic bags, such as when buying yogurt, beverage, pharmaceutical and other small commodities. Who says bags, handbags do shopping bag?

Use reusable environmental protection bag: usually carry their own bags.

Count how many plastic bags: you've used and see it! Think of you today or this week how many plastic bag consumption.

Tell these methods for their relatives and friends around you, let more people environmental protection to make a little contribution.

If you buy things fragile eggs, can choose the wicker baskets, both environmental protection and fashion.

Try to use environmental protection bags of shopping.

Red, yellow, blue, green also have a garbage bag, the bag on the market function is mainly used for classification of garbage, garbage classification is very important and beneficial to the use of recyclable waste, household waste in general household waste and recycling garbage is good, if it is dangerous to glass electromagnetic garbage bags, etc. We can use red, let's do a contribution for the earth.