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Specific Role Of Food In A Plastic Bag

As commonly used food packing material is not poisonous, harmful, this is in addition to polyethylene materials, composite materials, aluminum foil bag. External color packaging is very strong, they are involved in food packaging food packaging, this kind of intense colour is very outstanding, namely the red and green, this is a kind of publicity, to attract consumers in the form of. But no matter what kind of color, leisure food bag made of non-toxic, harmless within the scope of the requirements. The specific function of bag is:

1, convenient: packaging might be tesco, handling, storage, display, sales, open, reload, use and reuse.

2, shell protection: shell can with oxygen, water vapor, the separation of the besmirch, seepage prevention items are also a necessary factor of packaging design. Some package covers the desiccant or deoxidizer extended shelf life. Vacuum packing or remove the airbag is the main method. Save the shelf life is clean, pure and fresh, safety is the main functions of the bag.

3, safety: packaging can reduce the risk of transportation security plays an important role. Also try to avoid bags into other goods. Some packaging is very strong, and have the anti-counterfeiting mark, in order to protect the interests of the company against losses. You can have laser marking, special color, message authentication, the label on the packet. Another retailer, in order to prevent theft, bags with an electronic monitoring tag, and other consumer to shop out of degaussing.

4, physical protection: stored in a bag in the project needs to avoid squeezing, shock, vibration, temperature, etc. Phenomenon. Packaging and labelling of packaging materials or tell people how to use, transport, recycling or disposal.