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Star-sealed Garbage Bag Production Process

Garbage bags are generally made of recycled polyethylene material.

Usually also the production process of garbage bags:

1, the plastic particles of the granulation process: the recycling of waste plastics classification, cleaning, cutting into pieces, the use of granulator will melt pieces made of a few millimeters long plastic particles.

2, blown film process: the plastic particles made of plastic film process, equipment room blown film machine (also known as blow molding machine). Blow molding machine can be divided into heating and melting part, blowing part, rewinding part. The recycled plastic granule raw materials into the blow molding machine in the high-temperature melting, and then through the casting roller, stereotypes roll, corona roller, the role of the cooling roll, it became the original long plastic film, after the spark Machine roll into a cylindrical shape.

3, cylindrical thin film by gravure printing machine, offset press, roller printing presses and other printing equipment printing, and finally rewinding machine will be re-rolled into a cylindrical shape. Screen printing and mechanical printing is different, it belongs to the manual printing, printing before the first plastic film will be cut into the size of the plastic bag in order to print.

4, hot system cutting process: the printed plastic film ball into the bag machine on the hot system (the production of vest bags to each bag of the two sealed), and then cut into a fixed size of the plastic bag.

5, vest bag cutting process: the top of the plastic bag on the chopper knife under the cutting board, the knife in the bag under the action of high pressure, the middle of a plastic bag cut off to form the use of the Hand in hand.

Ordinary garbage bags may be difficult to degrade, pollute the environment, and environmental. protection bags under normal circumstances can be degraded (degradation time and manner depending on. the material) now on the market of environmentally friendly garbage bags also have a variety of specifications and forms, Garbage bags, there are the kind of calendar form of garbage bags, there are pumping paper type garbage bags. At present, the overall trend of car garbage bags is now towards the direction of environmental protection. After all, to protect the environment everyone is responsible.

Mainly back to the blown film material, heat, pinhole. The formula is very simple, back to the material + open agent + amount of filling masterbatch + coloring agent.

Professional production of PE, PO, PP, OPP, all kinds of body bags, printing bags, sealed bags, Shouwan Dai, 兼营 bubble bags, Zhenzhu Mian, shaped plastic bags and other packaging materials. Garbage bags of raw materials: polyethylene (Polyethylene, PE

Referred to as PE ethylene poly-poly-organic compounds. Pe plastic bags Polyethylene is the world's best known food for contact with food. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, in line with food packaging hygiene standards. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, with moisture, oxygen, acid, alkali, air tightness, excellent heat sealing performance. Plastic packaging printing the most amount, the most important information. Plastic bag PVC - PVC. Polyvinyl chloride referred to as the PVC formula (CH2 CH2 n, the most important category of vinyl polymers, the world's second largest polyethylene after the plastic varieties. Shrinkfilm - shrink film.

Shrink film (Shrinkfilm, a thermoplastic film that is stretched in the production process and is contracted by hot air or infrared radiation.) After heat treatment, the film is wrapped around the wrapper and the shrinkage force is Cooling stage to reach the maximum, and long-term preservation. LDPE - low density polyethylene.

Low-density polyethylene, pe plastic bags referred to as LDPE national plastic packaging printing industry in the largest variety. Specific gravity of 0.92 0.93 can float in water. Low degree of crystallinity (60% pressure 1000 3000kg / C ㎡ for bulk polymerization, it is also known as high-pressure polyethylene. 23 degrees Celsius, the density of 0.92 or so. For food packaging, fiber packaging products, daily chemical packaging. Density polyethylene.

High-density polyethylene, referred to as HDPE with low-pressure polymerization, it is also known as low-pressure polyethylene. Was milky white, marked shiny poor. Processing film can be blown and T-die extrusion process. Heat resistant to cooking, cold resistant to freezing, moisture, anti-gas, isolated performance is good, and not easy to break, pe plastic bag strength LDPE twice. Easy to open. BOPP - Biaxially oriented polypropylene film.

BOPP is characterized by tensile orientation, mechanical strength, folding strength, air density, moisture barrier is better than ordinary plastic film. Compared with cellophane per unit area, the unit price is lower than cellophane. Because of the excellent transparency of this film, after printing in the reproduction of color is particularly beautiful and beautiful, plastic composite flexible packaging of the important substrate.